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Flood Water/Abatement Rescue Swimmer Instructor. Call or E-mail us for the next instructor course.



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Flood Water/Rescue Swimmer Instructor Course



Next  Rescue Swimmer / Flood Rescue Instructor course: Crystal River Florida will be held
March 7.8.9&10  2019
To reserve your place for this instructors class by  you must register by Feb.28.  Class size is limited.  Call and reserve you place early.

Not Ready for the Instructors course yet?
sign up for the rescue swimmer II & III course.  The rescue swimmer course runs the first two days prior to the Instructor course.  Rescue Swimmer II & III course fee is $395 per person.
EMCI & NFPA compliant
Awareness Operations Technician

Have your water rescue team ready for the next flood water rescue event coming to your area sooner than
Call us for more information 904 743 3025
PSDA & Water Rescue USA has over 100 Swift Water, Rescue Swimmer Flood abatement & mitigation Instructors if you need real training by professional Police, Fire, Rescue and Military training we can assist you now.  Vicarious Liability is REAL our organizations and attorneys are ready to assist you.  PSDA & Water Rescue USA is a certification agency. 

Is your Water Rescue Team trained and certified to NFPA standards?  Are they ready for the next Flood Water event?  Hurricanes & Flood Water Abatement/Mitigation require Rescue Swimmer/Rescue Boat and Flood water Abatement.  You do not need SWIFT WATER RESCUE TECH.  Rescue Swimmers with basic Rescue Boat Operations with special swimming gear & training is required.  PSDA & Water Rescue USA is a certification agency we don't handout certificates of completion.  Our Rescue Swimmer program began in 1973 and has progressed to three different levels of Swimmers I, II & III.  Level II handles Rescue Swimmer, Basic Rescue Boat OPS and Flood Water Mitigation.  Level III Swimmer requires the same training as the USN, CG,& USAF swimmer training programs in fact we exceed their standards in most areas.    You must be a above average  swimmer in excellent health and good in physical condition for Level III    Our graduates are certified members of PSDA & Water Rescue USA.

PSDA & Water Rescue USA 904 743 3025
e-mail us @ psdahq@bellsouth.net

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